Does it matter which major I study?


Should I study X or should I pursue Y? Every student comes across this question multiple times throughout their college years. Don’t worry! Your major doesn’t decide your future. However, it is an important aspect of your college experience. There are multiple factors that play:

1) Passion
Are you passionate about your subject? Do you enjoy going to class? Passion is a driving force for success. College should be both inspiring and exciting so choose something fascinating.

2) Graduate School
If you are persistent on going to Grad School, your major is an important stepping stone. There is no “right” or “wrong” major but you should choose a subject related to your intended graduate field. Look into the perquisites for a few graduate programs.

3) Cost
Ideally, your major should encompass your strongest passion. However, college comes at a price. If you need a greater return on investment, college majors such as Engineering and Computer Science yield the highest starting salaries.

After weighing your situation, goals, and interests, hopefully, you will arrive at an informed decision. If not, don’t stress about it. As long as you are interested and hardworking, the major is just a small aspect in a broader sense.

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