Finish your projects before submission

Do you tend to procrastinate? Our sQoolink mentor, Jess Magnan who majored in writing and film, shares why you should work on completing your projects before submitting them to your professors. Whether you are pursuing a liberal arts or science degree, you would benefit from her tips and insights. 

Don’t turn in unfinished projects

You’ll come across times in college or university where you’re scrambling to meet the deadline—if you haven’t already. Although I’m guilty myself, try not to do this. You end up turning in projects that are incomplete, underdeveloped, or just not that good.

This is a problem because when you turn in unfinished projects, the feedback you get from your professor and peers is not useful. They might say “This part could use more work,” or, “This section seems underdeveloped.” Chances are, you already know everything they will critique. That’s not the goal of receiving feedback or evaluation. You want the critiques to better your project, and better yourself as a writer. You should be learning something new. If you turn in an unfinished project, you’re wasting your time.

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