Start building your portfolio in college/university

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Are you studying English, architecture, art & design, computer science or even business? Jess Magnan, our sQoolink mentor, shares with us why you should start compiling all the work you are doing in college or university. All your writing, designs, codes, projects will help you in your future career.

Treat every project as a portfolio-builder

What do I mean by this? I mean using your required course assignments as projects that you can put in your portfolio. Whatever your career goal is, start collecting. This could be short stories, poems, essays, whitepapers, proposals, etc.

While you complete your program, use every project assignment to your advantage and showcase your work! Upload documents to your LinkedIn profile. Use class projects on your resume. Talk about completed assignments as experience in cover letters. Use them to connect with professionals in your field.

I once created an infographic about LGBTQ representation in entertainment media and posted them on my Tumblr. The response Tumblr users gave my infographic is something I sometimes use when making connections with prospective clients. Never undervalue a project just because you created it while completing your undergrad. Make those assignments work outside of the classroom.

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