How should you decide between multiple university/college acceptance offers?

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Congratulations! So you have received offer letters from a number of colleges/universities? But how are you going to choose between all of them? Our sQoolink mentor, Nick Sohn, a Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Southern California, tells us his experiences in making his college/university decision. In the next few posts, Nick will share with us his insights on how to make a decision among multiple college/university acceptance offers.

College/university is a time to explore, learn, grow, and discover. Three/four years is a long time so choose wisely. Don’t worry though; with a positive attitude, college/university can be whatever you make of it. There are multiple considerations: size, location, diversity, academics, and financial suitability.

1) Size

Do you want a large or small student body? Do you want a liberal arts feel or a large public feel? These are important aspects that help shape your college experience. A smaller community may offer a tighter knit student body in which everybody may know everybody. Conversely, large schools may not offer the same close student body. However, large schools can provide more clubs, activities, events, and research opportunities.

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