Tips for an Awesome Resum

awesomeresume.jpgYour resume may be what makes it or breaks it for interviews. The single sheet of paper can seem intimidating but do not worry. Our sQoolink mentor, Devan Herron from East Carolina University, shares some awesome tips for your resume. Keep in mind, your credentials matter the most but a cleaner resume can provide the edge you need!

As a college student, creating a resume is an important task! You will need one to apply for jobs, internship and sometimes scholarship opportunities. In a single page, a resume can share a lot of important skills and background about who you are as a professional. You will want to make sure that you include what makes you stand out from a large pile of candidates.


There are endless ways in which you can present your resume to the world! However, you must make sure that its appropriate for the position you’re applying for. A graphic designer can use an artistic and infographics, while someone wishing to land a business based internship might want to go with more of a classic format.

Numbers Matter

While reviewing your resume, employers like to see numbers in your job descriptions and skills! Add information like the average number of customers you would assist in a week, or the number of words you can type per minute. This provides more specific examples of your work experience and capabilities.


Keeping a relevant resume is important, even if you already have a secure job. Once you’re ready to make a job change or move up in the company, you won’t have to think too hard about what you’ve done in the past few years. When you complete a new certification or log volunteer hours, add it to your ever-growing resume!

Grammar Check

Remember that another pair of eyes is valuable! Before you send your resume off to the printer, ask a friend or professor to review it. We all make mistakes, and it’s much better for a colleague to point it out before a potential employer does. Grammar isn’t the only concern! Let your peers also give you criticism! They might have some suggestions that will help make your good resume into an excellent one.

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