Q and A of the Week: What student clubs or organizations should I join?

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New students have a difficult time choosing a club or organization to join. Do not worry. Our sQoolink mentor, Nick Sohn, from the University of Southern California, shares some insight regarding clubs. At the end of the day, clubs and organizations are opportunities to explore interests and passion. It is what you make of it!

It’s difficult to decide between the endless list of clubs and organizations. You may seek a consulting club and come across tens of them. So what should you join? Although this is not an easy answer, do not worry. All clubs and organizations help students explore different interests and develop passions.

Are you a compassionate individual or desire to develop a sense of community? Service clubs are an amazing opportunity to help both the community and yourself. Helping others is a great feeling that is unmatched by any material attainment. That said, it is also shaping the environment around you and enabling social mobility. On the plus, it looks great on your resume. Service varies from club to club. There are hands on clubs that focus on directly working with the community and there are clubs that focus primarily on fundraising. Pick and choose based on your interests but don’t feel the need to limit yourself.

Consulting and investment clubs are a great gateway to understanding the financial world. They offer real life applications to banking. While this may not be exactly like the world of consulting and investment banking, they offer a small but sizeable taste of just that. There are various consulting and investment clubs with different specialties. For example, some consulting clubs focus primarily on service or tech while others focus on finance. Again, choose accordingly without hesitation!

I hope you get a fuller understanding of different clubs and organizations that may fulfill your college experience. Keep in mind that whichever club you join, the experience is what you make of it!

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