Choosing a Career


Deciding a job isn’t too far into the future. College is a large stepping stone for our career. With that, we should choose something we have a passion for. Our sQoolink mentor, Gosbert Stanslaus, shares his insight on job prospects and overall happiness. Happiness and passion go hand in hand. After reading Gosbert’s tips, hopefully you’ll arrive at an informed decision!

“People don’t need a job, they need happiness.”

A career doesn’t mean a job, my dear. It is a picture of what you desire to be in your life. A career is not a salary you receive but a talent you born with. Something you like, you love. If you’re in a job in which you’re talented, you will automatically love it. You will be happy to be in such a job. Please don’t be a mob or salary oriented; find the job which commensurate with your career.

My fellow students and scholars be like a child as they stay happier with what they feel to do and that is what we call a career. Life is happiness. Seek for a job that reflect your career; be what you desire to be in your life. Don’t be forced with job opportunity because you will never be happy in your life.

Be like Ronaldinho in your career. Live and Love your career. Click here

Don’t do the job that will make you horrible and unhappy. Look on

Find the job that will make you happy

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